I'm genuinely afraid about living in the US because of the mass shooting

Racial tensions are high in the United States and we have guns. Couple this with the fact that 80% of all media worldwide is American made makes America the major focus throughout the world.

However, what most people fail to realize is that America isn’t even where the situation is “the worst”. Yes, we have racism and gun violence, but of the top 10 countries that suffer with this, America is number 10 out of 10 (lowest). The highest countries being India (1), Germany (2), Israel (3), Japan (4), South Africa (5)…

So while fears may be significant, and I’m not denying their legitimacy, they are overly saturated mainly due to the massive amount of American media influencing global opinion.

Generally, America is a huge country with lots of open spaces. There are pockets of highly populated areas that have massive issues. BUT, the overwhelming majority of places are safe, spread out, and avoid danger easily—that is, of course, if you happen to be lucky enough to have an income that can support life in some of these areas. None of this is fair, but I’m not here proposing America is fair, it’s not. Only that there is more to the picture than what we all see on the news.

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