I'm giving away two tickets to the game on Sunday, September 3rd, 2017...

Hmm why I love the Rockies....you know I never really considered the reason why, it always has just been. But thinking about this question all day at work, I think it comes down to a couple different reasons.

First, without a love of baseball there is no love for the Rockies. I think it's a culmination of all the little intricacies that are in the game. A lot of people overlook the just how much is going on with every at bat. The batter has to pay attention to the pitches and the release to try to figure out how he needs to swing. All the field players have to know where they gotta go in any situation, the pitcher has to know what the guy on first is doing while trying to throw strikes, and so so much more. It reminds me of all the gears and cogs in a pocket watch in how every piece is reliant on the others.

But more than that I love the history in baseball. Everything is steeped in such tradition. I love the unwritten laws of the game. I love the seventh inning stretch. I love peanuts and crackerjacks and sunflower seeds. I love that there was a Curse of the Bambino and a Curse of the Billy Goat (also, as an aside, I felt like I was the only one rooting for the Indians precisely because the Cubs losing had always been a tradition).

The second reason I love the Rockies is that I have a very real love for my home. I was born here in Denver and honestly I can't imagine living anywhere else. I love my city as well as the mountains, and I feel like the Rockies actually represents both well. We're a small market team but we're growing. There is a ruggedness, an unapologetic underdog mentality in the team that I see mirrored in our burgeoning city. This actually brings me to the final reason I love the Rockies.

I have gotten to grow up with the team. I count myself so lucky that not only have I been able to witness the community that has sprouted up around this club, but that I have been able to be apart of its formative years. No matter how insignificant my contribution may be, the fact remains that I do get to have a small hand in shaping and molding the traditions that will become staples for this club. Whether it's baking in the summer sun sitting in the rockpile or singing Your Love at the top of the order, this club makes me feel like I'm apart of something bigger than myself.

Well that turned out to be a little longer and more ramble-y than I wanted but I think it's a good start to why I love the Rockies. That was fun and thanks for reading.

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