I'm Going

Lets get real about STDs. Remember DARE? Don't do drugs kids, they're bad for you. Don't have sex, it's bad for you.

You're going to run into something some day. A lot of sexually active people are aware of it. Be alert, of course. I've dodged some women who disgust me because of who they get with. I've had tons of unprotected sex and gotten away with it, no STDs, not even once. The factors may be different for different individuals. Want to get really gritty with words and mental images? There might be a herp deep inside a girl you might not be able to physically contact due to length or position. There are so very very many factors. Condoms do not shield against all diseases. Some a curable, others are not. All are treatable. In many instances with individuals who have Herpes for example and are under medical scrutiny, they tend to no longer be vectors. The sincere damnation of many STDs is overblown. And when it comes down to it, its AIDs and HIV that are the real threat. Even Syphillis is curable now. But if you catch AIDs, oh boy. It's no longer you gunning against the edge of death in life with cancer alone or a heart attack. Its all of a sudden a flu is gonna take you out.

And the ways in which you can contract are so diverse. Sharing a damn apple with soemeone infected. The reality is, the more we breed and love and educate and substantiate with proper infrastructure and resourcefulness, the better off we are. I'm rambling, but farming and growing your own foods and eating healthy while living healthy leads to healthy thinkers and intelligent adults who ultimately are the ones who vet their lives to curing diseases and increasing human longevity as well as enjoyment. We're animals, but we're emotional too. Don't look at a beautiful girl who is showing all and say "eww, she's probably diseased." That's like looking at an apple growing on a tree outside a McDonalds and saying "Eeww, it's not certified by someone, I don't know where it came from. I'll take a quarter pounder, please. Extra cheese."

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