I'm going to college under my parents' orders, I'm struggling to pass my classes, and if I don't maintain a good GPA to keep my scholarships or drop out they're kicking me out of the house.

Here's the deal, kiddo.

I've lurked across your posting history. I'm not sure if you broke up with that girlfriend, but if you haven't already you need to jump on that. Poisonous influence. Shit. Get that out of your life.

You seem really, really confused across your whole posting history. You're finding your identity, trying to discover what you want to do with your life. All that jazz. Your parents are giving you the ultimatum because, from what I can tell, you're not doing anything with your life and they want to break you from a future of dependence on them for your survival.

And this is for good reason. At 21 I already CRINGE at the possibility that my son or daughter could be sitting in their room wasting all day every day on video games and endless forms of media.

Yeah, it's fun. Yeah, it allows you to do things you can't do in real life. Yeah, you might not have anything else you find fun. But, and I say this from experience, video games are addictive. Morning-to-evening spent on killing Deathclaws is fun and dandy until you wake up the next morning to use the restroom, look at yourself in the mirror, and realize that you're absolutely nothing without those game accomplishments.

Not having friends or a physical outlet with face-to-face interactions is lonely and frustrating, true, but unless you're a woman with connections and money, being a socialite isn't a viable path for surviving in the real world. Yeah, you want to have friends. But literally every friend I have isn't spending as much time with their friends as before because the going has gotten tough and we've needed to MAN UP.

I think you want to go into the trades because you want something easy.

This isn't about what you find interesting, it's what you want to spend time on. You don't want to spend time on education or schoolwork or homework. You find them boring. You think it's a waste of time to learn things you're never going to use.

Thus, the trades. You get to work with your hands. You learn by doing. You work hard, learn something useful.

If the trades are truly something you want to do and not something you've convinced yourself you want to do, buckle down, join the union, and balance your school life with your professional life. Your social life may come to a creeping pace, but you need to figure out what's important. If you get into the trades because that's truly what you want to do, you can hold out until you can sustain yourself outside of your parents' house because that's what you'll need to do.

Stop being a whiny little bitch and buckle down. Be a man.

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