Im gonna say it, I dont like the new Steam layout.

Also got a lotta ads and junk bloatware for them to try and push more sales. It's all any of it is.

Library should not have community shit, should not show friends shit, etc. there are separate tabs for that stuff, if you're interested.

The 'what's new' can fuck off and die too.

They probably saw in their data, everyone uses the library, so now they're pushing the store, library, ads and marketing to there.

So, now we stop using the library. Just launch games from right click taskbar etc. now.

I gave up TV over 20 years ago because of ads, I just have zero fuckin' tolerance for marketing and ads. It's my gripe.

The rest of things are OK, but all this marketing and ads can fuck off.

That's what it is. Don't anyone kid themselves.

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