So Im having trouble understanding how the Quran talked about this 1400 years ago without any technology..anyone have any ideas? Could it be the truth that The Quran is truly from God, The Creator of this universe?

Okay I'll bite, first of all the chapter 86, just two verse later describes semen originating between the backbone and the ribs take that for scientific if you will, funny how the narrator cherry picks one verse that he can twist to sound like it makes sense but then ignores the verses right afterwards.

Second of all aren't all stars piercing, as in the form light through complete darkness, which makes the "looks how its described" part oversimplified. Anyone can look to the sky and say yes, stars are piercing through the sky, which is also how the Romans described them centuries before Islam as piercing light through the heavans.

At-Tariq is also the name of the surah which goes on about how the earth cracks on and trials and stuff so I don't understand how it's describing star particularly. The next direct verse describes the star having a protector over it but that is all there is when it comes to describing the star particularly.

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