I'm a hotwife and my husband wants to be with other woman, need advice

We're similar ages, married with children, have an open marriage and date separately exclusively. It works for us, but it definitely took time and work to get to where we are today (mostly me, I've always suffered from jealously).

You mention you have kids, plural. I assume you didn't love your first born child any less when you had your second, right? And so on? So why must it be different for a romantic partner?

Do you know about compersion? It's the thing that I always fall back on when times are tough, when jealousy wants to rear its ugly head.

That being said, I encourage you to take baby steps with your husband and check in with each other after each step and give yourselves time to process that new step.

This isn't for everyone obviously, but it's been very rewarding for us and you presumably already enjoy ethical non-monogamy so if you decide to venture this path, I wish you great success.

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