I'm just a high school kid who's stumbled upon this subreddit....

I'm with you, bro. In my blue pill phase, I stopped listening to so much hip-hop/rap though it was always my favorite genre of music. My ex-wife HATED rap with a passion and then when I would listen to some, I'd almost be offended at the lyrics.

Now that we're divorced, I went back to doing the things I always did, which includes listening to the music I like and I'm reminded of how RP a lot of it is.

You made a good choice with that verse off of Big Pimpin which includes some of the most RP motherfuckers to ever live: UGK. Here's a Bun B verse from "Swishas and Dosha"

Fuck niggaz bumpin' gums, real niggaz be bumpin' Screw. So don't get bumped off, just in case a real G bump into you. I'm like Bumpy Knuckles, buck with nothin' but ready rockers that's down for pistol play, on boy's that's steady knockers Got boppers that's steady jockin'. Goofy niggaz in my ear. Bitch, I'ma self-made trillionaire, get your soft ass outta here. Weak niggaz wanna plead their case, just to raise up out my face. I ain't got that time to waste, punch your mouth and knock out the taste. You MySpacin' and Facebookin', Playin' games with them toys. I'm in the streets where gangstas meet While you're on line with them boys So step your game up, build your name up Quit your talkin' and quit your doin' All that plannin' and contemplatin' When the fuck you gon' start pursuin'? Cars ain't drivin' themselves, mansions ain't buildin' themselves They waitin' for Ed McMahon and they need to stop feelin' themselves They wealth ain't comin' until they earn it But that somethin' they won't know 'til they learn it, while burnin' (swishas and dosha)

Pimp C isn't as lyrical, but he keeps it simple and tells it how it is. Just raw. RIP Pimp C.

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