I'm the LLM in my relationship and I'm fine with it

Sex probably just isn’t it for you, then. Personal question: do you masturbate? How often? And was masturbation a regular and important thing for you as a young Person? I ask because it sort of points to whether or not you might be more on the asexual side of things. Sex, even solo sex when I first discovered it, was hugely important, majorly significant for me, as a young person and well into my 40’s. My sex drive was always so high that sometimes it would nag at me all day long. I always sort of joked to myself that maybe in a past life I was a member of the “oldest profession.” Now that I’m over 50 I’m starting to get some peace from the constant drive. It does feel a little like peace! But I know there are many people who are not like me. It doesn’t feel that way to others, like they’ve had a massive shot of morphine and they’re just blissed out….it feels ordinary. Anyway I hope you can get more closeness with her, away from the stress and the difficulty of your life, which is why I was suggesting just some good times together that are not necessarily sexual….which is likely a bit tone deaf considering your current parenting situation….but if you can swing it, it would be good for you.

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