Im losing my mind.

First thing please don’t kill yourself for the sake of your loved ones. Now could you tell me what medications you have tried and why you didn’t like the ones you did. It is very common for people with ADHD to get depressed and a lot of anxiety and we all have to deal with it but medication really can help you it just needs to be the right one if you gave me some more information on why you didn’t like the ones you tried I could likely help you find the right one that wouldn’t cause those problems. Also it is totally normal to feel like you are losing you mind sometimes with ADHD and it can lead to very depressing thoughts considering we do think a lot and its easy to feel like a lazy good for nothing but we are special and its because we think in abnormal patterns that makes us typically more intelligent than neurotypical people I would like it if you texted me more about how you feel in detail so that I could help.

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