Why I'm Losing Trust in the Institutions

This isn't directed specifically at you, but isn't that kind of missing the point? I don't think it's fuel for just white supremacists, I think it ought to anger any sane American who is against racism.

Here we have a government agency specifically advocating discriminating based on race for a potentially life-saving vaccine, and the anti- point I usually see is along just these lines: "Well, it might fuel those crazy white supremacists." Were this any other race, I think most would be indignant at the racism on its face, and not dismissive of those who would be critical of it.

I'm as white as Barack Obama, and an ethnic minority on my white side to boot (I believe "Latinx" is the academic term), so I have no investment in white identity whatsoever. But people I know and love are white, and to see these attitudes dismissed as inconsequential day after day, even when they're coming from the CDC, is tiring.

I was told to treat people of all races equally, and being bi-racial and not feeling particularly special for my racial and ethnic background, but just like another human being, this was very easy for me as a child. But in adulthood, I have seen this racial rhetoric shouted from the rooftops day after day, along with a fresh villain of lighter hue. Any opposition to it is either mocked or called white supremacy. It is sickening and should be offensive, borderline painful, to even the wokest of the woke who are capable of experiencing a modicum of cognitive dissonance.

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