I'm Michael Oshry and I am running for Mayor of Edmonton. AMA and I mean it.

I'll ask you what I asked each council candidate. It's a three parter, about related bylaws:

a) What is your stance on medical exemptions for scooter use? There are multiple people who live downtown who have used this medical exemption to buy and use honest to goodness road going scooters up on the sidewalks. We're not talking medical scooters, but actual e-scooters intended for road use and roughly equivalent to 50cc gas scooters. These are many times heavier than our rental scooters, have top speeds around 30-35km/hr+ and are not sold as a medical item.

b) What is your stance on bylaw enforcement for the rental scooters? From what I'm seeing, there isn't a part of the bylaw that isn't being routinely ignored, repeatedly, by riders. From the age limit on operation to where they can be ridden to how they are supposed to be parked, the percentage of the people who adhere to the bylaw(s) are in the tiny minority.

c) What is your stance on the noise bylaw enforcement? Every summer the downtown core (and I'm sure other locations of the city) end up inundated with loud motorcycles, loud street racing, trucks 'rolling coal' and for the last few summers, there's been a pack of morons firing off fireworks at 4am on selected Sundays from Grant Notley Park.

The theme, of course, is that some of our bylaws are just plain asinine, but even if they are reasonable and written, they aren't being enforced, so they are effectively useless.

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