I'm morbidly obese. What the fuck should I do?

If I could put myself in your situation I would just do this:

Stay on a diet that will help you lose weight. Don't worry about what people say about eating and lifting, dietritions make you believe that because its their job, but its not that important now. I have been lifting for two years while eating as little as possible because I also want to lose weight and I am very happy with my results. I have only gained muscle and strength, while slowly losing fat. I don't use any protien shakes or things like that, but something like a meal replacement might help you lose that weight.

I wouldn't do 5x5 stronglifts but I would focus on volume and as little as possible rest times which will help you lose weight. +-10 reps and 4 sets for each exercise.

Just do the basic exercises. You are not prepping for a bodybuilding show. My favorite groupings are:

Day 1:Chest and Back, Day 2: Biceps and triceps, Day 3: Shoulers and legs. or Day 1: Chest and triceps, Day 2: Back and biceps and Day 3: Shoulders and legs.

And some cardio everyday

I switch between them regularly if I become bored of one. And like I said just stick to the basics things like:

Chest: bench press, incline bench press, dumbbell press, incline dumbbell press, dumbbell flyes, cable flyes. There is also usually machines called chest press machines I think that also works your chest in all angles if you rather want to do that.

Back: lat pulldowns, seated rows, dumbell rows, bent over rows, deadlifts(lower back) and hyperextentions(lower back).

Biceps: Dumbbel curls, barbell curls, preacher curls, concentration curls

Triceps: Rope/bar pushdown, dip machine, skullcrushers(very good), narrow grip benchpress, triceps kickbacks

Shoulders:dumbbell shoulder press, Front dumbbell raises, side dumbbell raises, barbell upright rows, military press( infront and behind the neck) on smith machine(easier).

Legs: Check what your gym has, leg extension machines, leg press, calve machines. Just do something for your quads, hamstrings and calves.

For some reason I sometimes think what I would do if I had to start all over and this is what I would do haha. Pick 3-4 exercises from those that I have mentioned and do them. They are all very easy. As you progress over the years or when you feel comfortable doing so then you can start doing things like squats and so on.

This is a long term commitment. 3 months transformations are bullshit. You need to filter all the shit out that you can find on the internet about exercising, and there are a LOT of shit. Realistically it will take years to achieve the body you want, but thats something you need to accept. Let exercise be part of your routine and enjoy it and never ever give up. As you progress more you will learn more exercises which are more advanced and learn new things. People will most definitely start to notice you if you are determined. You don't even have to talk to anyone but by just being friendly people will come to you. I have always noticed that the people that knows everything, with years of experience(and looks the part) have always come to me and want to help me just by being there and being dedicated. Thats where you will learn most, from them.

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