I'm moving to Delaware!

Second that. Whole heatedly. As someone who wasn't born there, then lived there for 13 years and then moved away. I cannot recommend anyone move there.

I hated growing up there and hated the few years of my adult life I spent there. There are very limited college options or any other kind of schooling really. There is really limited employment opportunities as well, I would think there are many career fields which don't existent or are very small.

I went to college with plenty of people who now are still waiting table or working behind a desk at a bank as there are no jobs for their degrees or a very limited field.

I found there is also very little to do. If you like bars or the outdoors then you're in luck, if not. Well you're going to have to work to find something to do. I'm not a big drinker, nor do I care for things like biking or the beach.

University of Delaware is located in Newark, and there are sections which do have that college feel. Wilmington does not. I only ever went to Wilmington to attend Blue Rock games or visit the shops there. Which is rare since I think most of them exist elsewhere in more convenient spots. Save for what I think was the LL Bean outlet. But I haven't been up that way in years.

Wilmington isn't exactly Camden/Newark but I would avoid it all the same. I love the big city environment and Delaware does not have that.

In all of the places I lived and traveled a majority of the people I met in Delaware I would rather forget, and friends I did make were mostly from other places. NY, NJ, MD, Europe even. I had awful work experiences too.

Also if you get pulled over. God help you. New Castle County and the smaller town with police forces treat you, like you just knocked over the Federal Reserve, if your registration sticker is as much on the wrong part of your plate.

I've been out of Delaware for a year, and my life is 100 times better than it was. I finished college, have met some great people, and have a full time job with my degree. I live further from home that I did before, but I'm maybe 45 minutes from DC and Baltimore with so many options before me.

If anyone is considering moving to Delaware I really suggest they take a hard look at their options before doing so.

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