I'm Moving. Should I put my items in storage?

Definitely let them go. Donate, sell, give away.

It's rarely worth the mental and financial cost to keep items in storage when you're not even sure if you'll ever need them again.

You might move to other furnished places, or rent a room in a furnished house. If you do need furniture, the stuff you already have in storage may not be a good fit, or your taste changes.

Maybe you'll move into an empty place with a fiance, and they'll want to pick out stuff together.

All the while your old stuff is languishing in storage, that you're paying for, and that is a bit of mental burden, too. Just something else you keep on the backburner of your mind, that little bit of responsibility you have in another city that you'll have to deal with at some point.

And after a year of keeping the stuff in storage, you'll realize what you already know now, that if it wasn't important enough to bring along with you now, it probably wasn't important enough to keep.

I will always choose the freedom of not being tied down over saving a bit of money (though from your numbers, you're not really saving much, if any.)

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