I'm not fully sure on the details of the fight, but the kid on the floor is ok

I disagree, humans who prevail the most will in the enviroment which suits them best, we have made a habit in the last century of creating Ideal enviroments where people who usually only stayed to one geographic location, lived shorter lives, and where sepertated by such divides, to now where these same genetic individuals with lower IQ, more violent tendencies and a general lower or at least shorter on life, this isnt directed at any gender or ethnicity, it is prevelent in nearly all, however i tend to see more in whites and blacks, than asians, hispanics. we have mixed groups of people who in the past (segregation aside) would not have mixed due to social, cultural and class groups mixing, with both the educated who find these acts of brutishness foolish and Neanderthalish, with them lot who´s outlook on life is so focussed on the ground ahead of them all they see is whats on their feet, and who elses feet might step on them, with no regard to who those feet belong, often resulting in fights like this.

this also goes for memebers who are in no kind or unkind words, disfunctional, thrive. this sets back evolution, just to not seem racially targeted, take a look a t some white trash familys, massive drug, gambling, alcoholisim, addiction, combined with an upbringing that says never look ahead, there is no future and you get an endless circle of people who cant and wont move on from the shite they are living in, TBH with america, they really should alter their laws so that educational fees are the same no matter what state your coming from,

anyway, i am not a racist, but i will point out that when black people mention or complain about cultural approriation, and how people love black culture but not black people, this is some of what we think of when we think of black culture, and you have to understand that its not wrong in anyway to enjoy something of another culture, its one thing to copy in a mocking manner such as blackface but, how hair is braided, twerking, accents, voices, clothes and styles,, id jus think of where shit like what above comes from and thats why we cherry pick,

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