I'm not inviting my Nparents when my baby is born.

My daughter is 8 months and my mum has never met her. Mainly due to the fact she begged me to have an abortion because she was scared she was going to lose me. My mum was extremely possessive over me and in her ideal world I’d be living in her house forever not speaking to anybody other than her and being 100% reliant on her.

I’m particularly close to one aunt on my dad’s side, who took care of my daughter overnight a couple of months ago while my boyfriends parents (who we are living with short term) were ill with the flu. My aunt posted something about it on Facebook, innocently and in good will. I didn’t mind.

Next time I saw my mum (I see her very rarely, got a whole post on that) she stated she was hurt that I’d asked my aunt to look after her and not her ‘nana’.

The lack of self awareness is astounding.

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