"I'm not Proud to be Gay" - Mardi Gras 2015

His article almost reads as a /r/gaybroscirclejerk post. His article is tone deaf and ... ugh what's the English word for when you try to use cute puns and alliteration but end up reading as a sixth grader?

Let's get something clear: the reason why he gets to feel that way is because thousands of men before him got society to a point where he can enjoy the freedom to not feel different. In the beginning, gay pride parades were simply a matter of gay men walking around with banners bein' all like "Don't Hate (or kill us plz)!". Over the years, as we collectively achieve social liberation from old fashioned mindsets and shit, gay pride has become more about not being judged for any kind of victim-free self expression. All of our freedom sits on a continuum of freedom. The only difference between his hate and homophobia is the marginality of the people he's hating on.

Ironically, he is a great example of one of the biggest moral shortcomings of the modern gay man. Now that the modern first-world bro has achieved enough equality to not have to think about his sexuality constantly, we've pretty much wholesale abandoned everybody who fought alongside us to achieve aforementioned equality. He strikes me as the kind of person who is transphobic, not realizing that a good chunk of the people protesting for the rights he now enjoys were transpeople. How lame.

While we're still living in a world where tons of bros get their heads lobbed off for being gay--heck, where tons of bros at home are denied equality in front of the law-- every gaybro with any sense of social conciousness ought to rep gayness and totally relish in all the liberties that we gotz now. If you're happy with your liberties, you at least ought to respect the liberties of others.

Honestly, I think that one day gay pride parades will become an outmoded cultural relic. But you know what? We're not there yet. Like being a woman or being black, being gay is still "a thing" for a lot of people. Just because Germany has a female prime minister or the USA has a half-black president, doesn't mean that it's time for women or black people to get satisfied with all the progress they've made. Just because you're satisfied with your liberty doesn't give you the right to tell other people to be satisfied with theirs.


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