"I'm not racist, I just think he has a great plan for the economy"

I have Muslim peers too. In fact, I know a muslim family. The interesting thing in this family is that there are four children. The oldest is an articulate, intelligent guy. The youngest is a mentally disabled girl. The second oldest is not quite as proficient as his brother. He has poor grades and plays video games all day. The second youngest is not as disabled as his young sister, but he is also mentally disabled.

If you follow, that means these four kids follow a trend, from oldest to youngest from being incredibly intelligent to disabled.

Why does this matter, well I'll elaborate. The young girl cannot speak at all, she has no capacity for it. But the brothers all can. I spoke with the middle brother first. He told me about Islam, and his life in America, and how he had to go to America after Hussein's reign ended because of his family's ties to him being dangerous. He told me that yes, in Islam, I should be put to death and my family should be put to death and only Muslims should have prosperity. But he also laughed it off because he says that America is America, where I don't need to worry about Islam. His younger brother says the same thing. The kid isn't very smart, he has a very slow voice and he basically just rides his bike up and down the street every day forever. But he still says that what his brother says is true.

However, the eldest brother does his best to deny what they say. He tells me they do not understand Islam, and that it is a peaceful religion with beautiful words. He says America is under attack because the western world hates Islam. He doesn't convince me though.

I think that they are all good, peaceful American citizens who would be true patriots for their entire lives, until the day comes when they are surrounded by fellow Muslims and they have enough reason to believe we would not be able to do anything against them if they attack us. So I trust them enough, until there are too many who believe the same things to trust.

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