I'm Not Right for the Job, I'm the Problem

I gave the job an honest chance. I showed up every day, 10 minutes early to get ready and get prepped so that I could relieve the next person and get ahead on the paperwork and check in / out's. I never called in sick during training, but I'm the type of person who other people's behavior wears me down.

Even if the next guest is happy and excited, I can't be happy and excited for them if I just had someone chew myself or another person out.

We did make a note on her reservation but at the time management was not in the building, just myself and another front desk associate.

People at our hotel have been known to find "bed bugs" or other miscellaneous issues to try to get upgrades. We're able to give out room upgrades if they ask for it when they check in and are nice about it and we have available rooms for an upgrade-but not once the guest is already checked in.

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