I'm not sure why I feel this way...please help

I (26 F) have been dating this guy (26 M) for three years now. We have a good relationship, he is definitely my best friend in the whole world. About 1.5 years ago, he broke my heart when he decided to join the Navy. I am happy for him but he also chose to move to another province (5 hours away by plane) when we were making plans to move in together. I am still a bit in shock from his decision, sometimes I feel like his chose his career path over me and it hurts....but then I tell myself that he will come back and we will have this amazing life together. I'm a teacher with a board where I live and I take care of my two little 9 year old sisters. It's not so easy for me to pick up and leave my home like it was for him and he is aware of that too. Anyways, I am finding that everyone I know is getting engaged. Literally everyone. It is getting really overwhelming with all the proposals. Last night, I was at a celebratory dinner for two of my good friends who are getting engaged. As everyone cheered and lifted a glass to the happy couple, my friend (who is now engaged) looked at me and said "don't worry, I'm sure your boyfriend will propose to you soon. I bet you're next" but I didn't even ask for his opinion. So I just shook it off because I knew he didn't mean to say that maliciously. I've been a great girlfriend and I always had this feeling that my boyfriend and I will be together again soon. We talk to each other every day on the phone. But last night, although I was so delighted for my friends, I kept tearing up no matter how hard I tried not to. One of my other friends drove me home and said "When you visited your boyfriend last week, I thought for sure he would propose. I'm really surprised he didn't" again, I didn't ask for this comment. So I responded the best way I knew how, I said "oh...yeah. I guess." Once I came home, I laid in my bed and felt really bad about myself. I know being engaged like my friends isn't everything but I think I just feel overwhelmed from the long distance relationship as well. I know my boyfriend loves me...apart of me just feels like he's not ready to commit to me yet and it hurts. I woke up this morning still feeling terrible. I was a total b*tch to my boyfriend when he called and I told him exactly how I was feeling. I even told him that "he sucks" which was probably an immature comment but I feel so frustrated, like I'm about to explode. He doesn't seem to get it. He is getting increasingly frustrated as well when I expressed all these feelings to him. I'm sure he is planning to propose to me one day...but I do not want to keep waiting years for this to happen. I don't know what to do or how to control these feelings. Please help.

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