I'm not sure where to ask this but maybe you guys can help, why do people refer to it as West Texas and Western Kansas? Is there a difference in West vs Western?

Texas is large & we have specific regions & sub-regions due to terrain variations (I haven't listed all regions and sub-regions).

We say:

West Texas (Anything West of IH-35)

North Texas (Anything North of Waco)

East Texas (Anything an hour East of IH-35 or farther)

South Texas (Anything South of New Braunfels)

The Panhandle (Self-explanatory)

The Gulf Coast (Texas Coastline)


The Real South (Anything South of Corpus Christi)

The Hill Country (An area that is South of Waco, North of Poteet, East of Manor, West of Bastrop = Austin, San Marcos, Round Rock, Lampasas, Kerrville, Boerne, North San Antonio, Fredericksburg, etc)

The Border/RGV/The Valley (Self-explanatory)

The Piney Woods (Deep East Texas, near the Louisiana border)

Big Bend/El Paso (The El Paso area)

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