I'm not trying to start arguments or troll, but I have had a lot of convo's with people on police pages (they may or may not actually be LEO's) about the limitations of the 2A. This video definitely shows a lot of historical context and facts to oppose the "I support the 2nd amendment.. but" people

I don’t know why you have this obsession with keeping guns in the hands of the mentally ill. But I doubt you’re ever going to get much of a following with that here.

Police already enforce this type of stuff everyday with protective orders. In cases of family violence, protective orders are issued which make it illegal to obtain or possess firearms. This is before the person is guilty of anything.

Police see people with legal guns who shouldn’t have them all the time. Usually it’s a family violence murder after dozens of reported instances of assaults and not the mass shootings that get advertised but it’s the same problem.

If you want to get passionate about something , why this? And why a criminal justice degree? Do you plan on pursuing law enforcement? Bc that’s not a good idea if you don’t plan on enforcing the law.

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