I'm on SSDI and looking to get back into the workplace. I am so worried, should I be worried.

I'm on SSD and SSI. I tried working 4 times. It takes a year normally before they kick you off. They also give you 5 years to be able to get back on without another need to file appeals and get a lawyer. I have severe PTSD, and it's just not worth it. I live off of 800 a month it sucks, but thankfully I have section 8 in order to have a place to live. If you dont make enough for insurance sometimes DHS will help you get an affordable one. However if you're on pricey meds and your jobs are limited to minimum wage I dont think it's truly worth it. You do have time to set up a job and make sure it's what it needs to be to keep you afloat before they remove you form SSDI. I worked for 3 months without them trying to remove me from anything. They want you to succeed, and hopefully find a job you can keep and live off of.

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