So I'm the only one betting on Asher

You know I actually think they might be taking Asher down the path of becoming similar to Frank, but I think it's going to be a slow burn.

I LOVE this!

His loyalty to his friends is going to be to his detriment. I think his "Connor is the mole" theory is going to quickly evolve into "Connor most definitely killed Wes". And I think he will end up doing something that will irreparably damage his relationship with Connor (turning him into the cops, driving him to self-harm, getting it in Laurel's head that Connor killed Wes and her doing something about it, etc.).

How does this co-exist with or contribute to the "Asher will become the new Frank" theory?

And I think he is going to be wrong. But he probably won't end up feeling any remorse because it'll likely end up that Connor set the fire and for Asher that would be enough to justify whatever awful thing he's going to end up doing to Connor.

If Connor started the fire, then he deserves whatever Asher does to him. Assuming he was the person Laurel saw escaping through the storm door, anyway, he'd have heard Laurel come in yelling "Annalise?" and left her inside to burn alive just to save himself.

And I do think the show will end up doing this in a way that will keep the audience rooting for Asher.

They're good at that. But why is it so important they keep Asher "likeable" (in the traditional sense) while doing the opposite to every other character on this show?

Also we don't technically have a time for when Annalise called Laurel and Connor. Just that she called them after she called Oliver. So I think in all likelihood she ended up calling Laurel and Connor after her meeting with Oliver. And they both ended up heading to the house at a similar time. Laurel taking a bit longer because she was trying to find out where everyone was.

True, we don't have a definitive time for the AK-to-Laurel call, but if you rewatch that scene from 3x09, it looks like she hangs up with Oliver and immediately calls Laurel. She's sitting on exactly the same spot on the couch with the same camera angle and everything.

It's possible she called Oliver, went to the clinic, did whatever they did there (which they seem to be pretending never happened), went back to Bonnie's house, sat in the exact same spot, called Laurel, then went to her house and somehow arrived at the same time Oliver did.

The problem I find with that scenario is that, if the phone records are in chronological order, she'd have to have gone from Bonnie's to the clinic without calling a cab, and Oliver somehow managed to come to her house at that same exact moment without her calling him (there's no second call on the log, plus the cops could have mentioned it). And if Oliver knew she was planning to gather everyone to her house that night, that's pretty effed up that he didn't even call Connor to make sure he was okay until he after he got to the hospital (probably an hour later).

On the other hand, Oliver initially told Connor that he suspected Annalise "did this" because she asked him to wipe her phone. If Oliver's suspicion was genuine, that must mean AK left the clinic long before he did (for her to have enough time to feasibly pull something like that off).

Idk. I'm sure the writers don't give even a fraction of this much thought. But I love trying to solve puzzles.

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