I'm out. Anything I need to know before I leave?

I could search for a long time, and not find a more blatant example of VA disability fraud. The OP actually brags about it! 100% disabled he says, and yet:

  • owns a business
  • lifts weights
  • capable of traveling internationally -fully capable of work, although he'd prefer to just collect VA checks
  • despite obvious physical fitness, the corrupt VA has decided that he is "permanently" disabled
  • lifts weights, gets injured, the ever-loving of fraudsters VA is there to provide free medical care for THIS non-service related injury
  • fully capable of international travel
  • owns and operates a 6 cylinder Harley, based on user name

MY FELLOW TAXPAYPERS! You can take it up the ass from people like this, or you can protest the OBVIOUS government incompetence! Choice is yours, but you better believe I'll be targeting these fraudsters until they murder me.

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