"I'm part Scots Irish, English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, French, Pennsylvania Dutch (from Switzerland, Germany and Alsace in France), Basque, Shawnee, another tribe in Minnesota (think it was Ojibwe, can't be certain...), Swedish, French Jewish and white Hispanic from Puerto Rico."

I think you're trolling about that. Anyway, I will point out some things: cheating (yes, it even happens in rich families), rape (especially in war times or when people emigrates but rapes have always existed and birth control was quite lacking), other scandal you can think of (life can be weird sometimes and when you have to take into acccount hundreds of lives, shits are going to happen), those things are "secret" so you won't have them on official papers. When there is only one generation, it's easy to know but when you go back in the centuries things get tricky.

I doubt that played a big role in my family. I can't think of too many times in the past eight generations or so where we were that close to the front lines to get raped by soldiers and rape in the other senses though it did happen I doubt it would happen that much.

I couldn't do that with a single comment. One of the important thing: I can speak fluently English, well it's not perfect but it's not like your English is flawless "much more about America then I do France.". I know quite well American history/economy/geography/pop-culture/educational system/political system... I wouldn't say I'm an expert about all these things, mainly because it'd be arrogant and stupid, but it's very unlikely you know more about France. The gap could be abysmal or just quite big. My point was that I understood you first comment.

Nor would I say I could put all my knowledge of French history in one comment, hence why I gave a short list.

but it's very unlikely you know more about France.

Oh boy do I like how you make assumptions.

You said: "how the Foreign Legion tried to stage a coup" which is wrong. I only took a couple of things to show that your knowledge aren't impressing.

I got one thing partially wrong, all the same they did play a major role in the coup.

I think you're trolling about that.

Oh please tell me how it's inaccurate mister all knowing.

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