I'm pregnant for the fifth time, I really don't want to be, but my husband wants it (33F/34M)

While I don't agree with sentiment that you're being overworked, that's beside the point. You and your husband are both doing your parts in the marriage as I've read. Marriage isn't easy, comparing who's role is more difficult or more important will eventually ruin your marriage. You are partners. Stop comparing dick sizes.

You really shouldn't be taking the advice of the people who aren't parents. That's 90% of the time, bad advice.

As I see it, you cannot afford the stress and additional workload of another child. If he wants another child, then he needs to be at home more (taking less hours, therefore bringing in less money.) If he doesn't want that, then he really doesn't want another child, what's he wants is something smelly and cute; maybe a dog? :P

If you do end up deciding to keep the kid. I would recommend a few things. Double protection. Maybe an IUD or possibly a vasectomy. It's gonna get easier from here. You might think that having 5 kids is harder than 4. But with the fifth kid, you have 4 helpers. Or probably like 2-3 helpers, but still. You have kids who can be doing their part in your home, helping you with the kids and giving them valuable life experience at the same time.

Regardless of your decision, my biggest piece of advice is, that you are satisfied with it. You can't let yourself become angry towards your husband or kids because of the stress they put onto you. If this starts to happen, you need to communicate with your husband and get it straight with him. If you have family in the area, ask for help. Take advantage of the resources you have. Best of luck to you, JB2

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