I'm pro-control over women

Been saying this for years. I know a woman who got pregnant when we were teens. She had been kicked out of her family home, dropped out of school, addicted to heroine, and living in a homeless shelter. She started selling herself for drugs and that’s how she got pregnant. If she had health insurance at all, I don’t believe it covered any IUD type of birth control, and I believe there was a time she was taking the pill but with the drug use I doubt she was taking it properly…

Anyway, she was pregnant, homeless, poor, had no interest in children, and addicted to drugs. She was not allowed access to an abortion, so she had the baby. Quickly followed by two more babies. So this woman was 23 with no shelter, no job, no drivers license, addicted to drugs, with three young children.

What happened after that? WELL the very same people who told her she could not have access to an abortion because they “cared so much about the children” also have done nothing to help her be a good parent. Two are in the foster system- to anyone who argues that there are tons of families who would adopt these kids! The supply is actually much larger than the demand. Our foster system is completely broken, so lord knows where those kids are and what will become of them. The third is with the woman, homeless. Seems to me like once she gave birth, all those people suddenly felt like “well, this isn’t our problem” and stopped caring. But it was somehow their business when she was carrying. Hm.

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