I'm proud to be an American

Do you have any evidence to support the idea that black people get killed at a higher rate than any other race of people once they open fire on the police? I'm fairly sure you're pretty colorblind when someone is shooting at you. What makes you so confident race would have made this play out any differently? Hint: there is nothing you can say to refute what I just said.

"If a group of men broke into your house in the middle of the night in plain clothes and yelled “Police!” when you haven’t committed a crime, are you going to believe them? No." So you think they would have tried to negotiate at this point with a white man? How clueless could you possibly be. It's a really, really horrible situation but I think you're completely misguided on the racial component. If you have any FBI statics or actual evidence of what you're suggesting it would be greatly appreciated.

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