I'm quitting my job in an hour

I wouldnt quit until you have another job lined up. I work in fast food which im pretty sure everyone knows its toxic. I deal with rude customers belittling me and treating me like im beneath them and co workers who constantly gossip about one another. I have the worse anxiety in the world and dread going to work everyday. Getting out of bed is a challenge sometimes and i just want to cry. I just try to stay positive and remind myself why i have this job and that it wont be forever so just stick with it as long as you can. Think of something that will motivate you to keep your job. Maybe its a new car you've been saving up for, vacation, new computer, iphone. Just remember not to take what your co workers think about you personally because at the end of the day you have to live with yourself not them. They are just acquaintances and nothing more. Their opinions shouldnt matter.

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