Im ready to give up on my son

My brother is 12 years old and from the time of 2 years old he couldn't talk and when he was 4 he tried to kill me with a knife and also my mom and my dad. When he was 5 he got diagnosed with bipolar and aspergers. We sent him to a psychiatrist and she diagnosed him with ADHD and anxiety also. She gave him Zoloft and that didn't work. We have tried multiple medications and none of them seem to work. And believe me, even though im only a 14 year old girl I know what it's like to live with someone like that. It takes a toll on the whole family and it's very overwhelming. Everyday he cussed us out of hits my mom or dad or even me and when he was little, we could hold him down, but now that he's older it's much harder. I have had to call the cops on my own brother before for beating up on my mom. And we heave sent him to a mental hospital at least 4 times. I do realize that he can do something so very horrible and then the next day regret it and be so srry . The way I think of it is that everyday is a new day and you can't keep being upset about what happened yesterday, because today is a new day and tomorrow is a new day. And the pills they only work so much. the therapists , they only help so much. SOometi!we you just gotta talk about it to soe!one who understands. Just remember that God is Alexander you and that God only gives youngest you can handle

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