I'm really frustrated by my job...long and ranty

Oh no. I'm not in place of financial freedom. Not at all. I only work 2 days right now because we can't afford childcare and our moms watch our baby on those 2 days. We also live with my mom so living expenses are lower than if we lived on our own. And My husband is more than willing to help work harder for me to try this. I wouldn't be able to quit right away but I'd be investing myself somewhere else and just get through my two days of work.

That meme is so appropriate. Ive been working on legitimately getting over my feelings of betrayal and hurt and I thought I was doing good! But then something little comes up and I get furious. I know myself, I'm done. I can't talk to them about it because they, technically, didn't do anything wrong. I'm just carrying around this weight of emotions and they're making choices I can't blame them for. Who would want to promote a pregnant, married, gonna need maternity leave, and be more invested in her home life instead of our bakery? My now-kitchen manager is younger, single, no plans of children ever, and emotional dependent on the company. Seriously. I don't blame them but it doesn't make it hurt any less. It's put into sharp perspective how much women in the workforce are effected by having a family. I know it seems stupid but I didn't expect that.

And as far as not being flippant, yeah I keep it locked down. I am actually super sarcastic and have been known to say some biting things but not at work. I try to keep that shit together because it's not cool. And, on some level, I am happy for my kitchen manager friend. She's got a good thing going for her and I can't fault her for trying to succeed. And when she constantly lets things fall through the cracks, she's not gonna have anyone else to blame. I asked her if she was going to take a summer vacation and she said she couldn't be gone more than a few days because of the bakery. She's gonna burn herself out but whatever, it's not my circus. At least not anymore.

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