I'm really sick of my friends' boyfriends' opinions

I wouldn’t tell the friend, “oh I don’t want to hangout with your boyfriend anymore” I’d be a completely sarcastic asshole to put the boyfriends opinions into perspective. And if your friends defend their boyfriend.. well then you have an answer to your question about your friends opinions. But cis-hetero (especially white) guys have got to stop going completely unconfronted when saying and doing such shit. Plus you never know what random person is hearing that bullshit and being affected just as badly as you are by it. Like, “oh yeah? Where’d you get your news from, white supremacist radio?” (Which by the way—a real radio station in Arkansas) Or like, “yeah just like you should stop fighting to do (blank thing, really any insult will work)? cause it’s not working for you” Or like, “reverse racism will never be real, because no colored population will ever enslave, systematically oppress, and then repress the history of whites.” Or like, “hey your a dick.” And then, “pal, why are you dating this guy? Does he have a magic dick? Does it really make up for such trash?”

Also though, I’m an asshole and I live in Texas and get SO TIRED of just putting up with the hate I feel I kinda have to fight back so.

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