I'm sad at how they've limited Alice's character now.

Idk how to mark this for ***SPOILERS*** but there are some for episode 18

That is sometimes how it goes. It happened to my mother when my sibling died. She worked a very difficult job for over a decade, but pretty much gave up on that to take care of my sibling before the inevitable passing due to illness.

I feel that if they explored that more, the loss of appetite for life once shit in your life hits the fan, maybe it'd be taken more seriously. But...... I don't think they are going to do that, and it's incredibly disappointing.

I was actually looking forward to episode 18. I was hoping we'd finally see Alice's issues come to a head in a way that was less......... Idk, musical? The problem I had with this musical is that the musical happened across the board. If Alice were the only person singing and dancing, it could have cut with impact, but they, instead, decided to have everyone sing...? Which kind of ruined it. I am, personally, not a fan of musicals. I find them difficult to get into, they feel super unnatural to me. I thought a slight musical element in this episode could have worked, if it were centered around Alice and her grief. Alice's husband was a serial killer, two of her children died pretty horrifically.... it's no wonder she pretty much melted into her couch. But they haven't really dealt with that appropriately so far. I was thinking this would be the beginning of a healing journey for Alice, but like..... the journey ended this episode kind of? How the hell do you get over delusions like that, (seeing your dead kids around the house), in as little of time as she seems to have? As I'm typing this out, I'm actually getting a little more heated. As the kid of someone who dealt with grief in a pretty..... not great way, I feel they could have shown much better representation for that side of things, (the crushing depression side). Here's to hoping for future episodes to improve, I guess..........

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