Im shocked by the rising amount of men on social media justifying cheating as " we men are polygamous and visual creatures", but want to settle monogamous

Tbh, you know what they say "men are rational?" This actually doesn't really mean "men are better at being objective and sticking to the facts."
No; there's a lot of men that are godly at systemizing and aggressively sticking to whatever their ego/desires/self-preservation wants to believe in, even at the risk of self-delusion, and they think repeating it relentlessly means it's more true. So, this unfortunately poisons the cultural zeitgeist, or can, or leads to a lot of entitled, angry men that lash out when it turns out no one actually finds them special or attractive.

For example, did you know that mental illness and happiness rates are substantially worse among older single men than older single women? There's many, many gaps. And yet, the "cat lady" is framed as someone miserable and laughable...even though many of these same guys also have no problem saying, "so many men are lonely!!" The goalpost always moves to wherever it's most convenient.

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