I'm short, ethnic, unpopular in college and have Asperger's. Should I even try to game girls or should I just focus on my studies?

grow out your top or get it textured (with shears) by a BARBER not a salon when you feel the need.

Agree with everything but this. Barbers are great if you are black or Domincan, PR, Cuban, etc.

But for anything other than nappy hair, salons are WAY better. They know how to texturize and frame your head CORRECTLY. lol Barbers just know high and tight and that does NOT work on alot of head shapes (only works on wider/square faces). Plus, barbers cuts are TOO clean. Like too lined up, it looks painted on and fake.

You never see dudes who are considered "style idols" with barbershop style haircuts. Beckham, Clooney, Zayn, Ryan Reynolds/Gosling, etc. NEVER EVER have super lined up hair cause it looks unnatural. Salon all the way if you have anything but "black" hair.

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