I'm sick of things always being about the person who lives with someone autistic.

Maybe you could help me be a better parent to my autistic daughter and explain what I should do when she has meltdowns? I would love to do the right thing an dim open to learn.

My daughter is 5 years old, and non verbal. From my experience, all of her meltdowns ar caused by SOMETHING, whether its that she is hungry, thirsty, or something else. What should I be doing in those situations in your opinion? Often ill try to get her to lead me to what she wants (her primary form of communication is leading me to an object she wants and placing my hand on it) but when shes having a meltdown she often cant/wont stop long enough to lead me to what she wants, so I just kind of guess and bring her stuff.

She has a problem with masturbation, so we have to put her into pajamas that she cant take off (otherwise she prefers to sit in her room completely naked, which isnt an issue except that she will wet the bed because she takes off her diaper) and those pajamas are most often the cause of her meltdowns. I know when that happens that she wants me to take off her pajamas, but I cant/wont because they need to stay on. Any tips to help her during those meltdowns where she wants something that I theoretically could do for her but cant do to logistical concerns?

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