I'm socially incompetent/retarded. How do I start?

Sometimes I get tempted to create a throwaway just so I can troll people like this...

Not really looking for a relationship per [se]. I just want to encounter someone who is attracted to me

Yeah, I don't believe the first bit. The second bit is easier. Just hit up unattractive women. You know what I'm talking about. Greasy hair, moustache, terrible hygiene, heavy set in a mumu dress (I'm talking at least 2 bills). They'll have really closed off body language. You find them at 2am in the morning at bars, where every other girl has been picked up (or has the dignity to leave without a date without compromising their standards). You call them 'bottom of the deep fried chicken bucket' girls. If you're in reasonable shape, in med-school and are taller than 5'6" with a full head of hair, you'll encounter someone who is attracted to you, I guarantee it.

Ok, I'll try and be a bit more serious:

I can talk to girls in a playful manner. I can tease her and have a fun conversation.

Just have a slightly (very subtle is the key) sexual undertone and that is essentially flirting.

I've never had a girl interested in me.

How do you know? How many girls have you asked out? A hundred? Ask out a hundred girls and see if every single one of them rejects you. Then come back and tell me no girl is interested in you. How do you ask out a 100 girls? 2 girls a week for a year. Can't find two girls you want to ask out per week? You're either living in a one store town or your standards are way too high.

I pretty much want to know how to start?

That's how you start. No magic pick up line. No miracle charm pill. Just grind. And if you're not sure of your looks, there's r/amiugly to see if you really are unattractive.

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