Im sorry my switch lite

Honestly, I don't care how long it takes to get everything set up: it is still piracy. I get emulating if you already own the game (or the game never released in your country) and you want an easy way to play/record a game; but emulating a game you haven't payed for (if you could) I think is just wrong. There is an argument to be made about emulating older games, as the profits no longer go back to the creators, or emulating because of money restrictions. Even so, I think people should always try and go for an official way to play these games and try to support the people who made it, even if they only receive a small amount.

This is just my general view on piracy. There are also many arguments someone could make to support emulation: from not wanting to support a company with a horrible working policy (i guess) or "oh but it runs better" (I guess).

Also, while I think the Steam Deck will be great, I do not think it will be the "Switch Killer". Saying the Steam Deck will complete destroy the Switch is like saying PC gaming is going to completely replace console gaming: it won't.

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