Im starting to see alot less attractive people/ more males on the front page

I don't know I mean I'm sure in some cases that's true but it seems too simple minded to describe all humans as such, I'm sure men and women can appreciate looks of another but not always want to literally call up and fuck the person! Just like how men and women can compliment others they're not attracted to as looking okay as well. I don't think sexual desire always has to be placed with opinions on looks even if it boils to a scientific perspective (good genes= good looks) it seems too silly lmao. That's like my therapist telling me i look really cute today I should expect something more like no, haha! I totally get what you mean if you're only referring to the creeps that do it, but even the rules are against that kind of stuff if ppl are uncomfortable with it so I know I'm not the only one thinking it's weird, I just delete and ignore them. I totally agree with you on how different people have preferences too I'm very biased myself but I'm also picky and I have a monogamous kind of attitude going on, I can appreciate someone looking nice I'm just not going to be attracted to anyone in that sense unless I have a deep romantic bond and connection.

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