I'm starting to understand who complains and who doesn't...

If you want my opinion it’s this. I enjoy the game, but it’s starting to feel stale due to lack of content that I enjoy (6v6 objective modes HC especially).

The issue at the heart of this game is not IW, though they’ve got their hands full of bugs and glitches to work on; the real issue that makes this game less enjoyable is the way some players exploit certain play styles that make your skin crawl. The map glitchers on ground war, the corner spawn campers on Shipment, the dual claymores and 725 users on any map. And yes there are those who would say ‘If they didn’t want me to play that way they wouldn’t give me the opportunity’ and that’s fine, if an exploit existed I guess you can’t blame people from utilizing it, but I have also noticed that some of the people who scream loudest about SBMM and camping are the ones doing it themselves and then blaming the game for making them do it.

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