I'm sure the smaller guilds feel this.

We had 29 people on tonight and decided we'd do BWL. We've got members moving, a couple stuck in an airport because of a flight, and a few others with RL obligations.

We killed Razorgore with 29 people. We had no world buffs, no 100 consumes, no Dragonslayer, just 1 elixer 1 food buff per person. Feelsgoodman.

Although we aren't huge <DPS> has some gamers, I know as GM I sound biased, but I feel our core is the strongest group bar none. If we had maybe 5-8 more active players we would absolutely slay everything. We've done Onyxia with 10, Rag no submerge with 25, we do more with less every damn time. If anyone is looking to guild up, get things done, enjoy content and feel good about your guild, contact me in game (Drahza), or PM me on Reddit or Discord https://discord.gg/bFxvwRQ

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