I'm thinking of starting to main adc/support, any tips or tricks?

UNSWLoLSC made a 1 hour video about supporting. I don't know if you ain't got time for that, but if you do, here's the link below.


But the basics of supporting is:

Ward. Ward in the tribrush and river bush if you're playing aggro and want to watch out for roams/ganks. Deward as well around objectives.

I agree with PapaSully on knowing bot lane matchups. Choosing a Leona or Janna into a Morgana is a must know.

If you're engaging as a support, be sure that your ADC is in a position to follow up. Also, you usually wanna focus the ADC in laning skirmishes unless their support is being stupid (i.e.: You're a Caitlyn/Leona bot lane with relatively full HP against a Corki/Nami bot lane, with Nami chunked super hard. She immediately moves in to use W on your ADC, putting herself in range of your E.)

Take note of skill cooldowns. If you're getting countered (Morgana against Leona, and Morgana wastes her Black Shield while you still have your Zenith Blade + stun), the support has high kill pressure (Thresh hook, hit you from afar, no matter where you are), or you're laning against a safe ADC (Tristana, Ezreal, Corki), a good initiation can result in a burnt Flash/Heal/Exhaust (both, if you're Mata or lucky :) ) or a kill.

If your ADC is behind, try ganking mid. Snowballing other teammates if your ADC isn't doing so hot if a better way to ensure victory. If you're ahead, still try ganking other lanes. It's still a good way to ensure victory.

DON'T and I repeat, DON'T chase too hard for kills.(This applies to any lane, honestly.) A burnt summoner makes it easier for you to set up a kill. You can ping the jungler, or go even more aggressive, knowing they have one less Flash, Heal, Exhaust, or Ignite to worry about when you go all in.

Watch for ganks. This goes hand in hand with warding properly, but most likely your ADC will be focusing on CSing/trading rather than that minimap in the bottom right hand corner.

Ugh, I'm too tired to elaborate further on supporting. I probably typed too much and confused you. I don't know if you want to consult a Silver IV support main to talk about supporting (#GOLDMASTERRACE) but if you do, IGN: Syllenze, feel free to add me.

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