I'm tired of being forced/coerced into pelvic exams and pap smears, simply to obtain birth control. We deserve better.

I will forever get these " unnecessary " exams. There are many conditions that are asymptomatic and you're a fool to think you don't need to check your health prior to a new prescription ( one that has serious frickin side effects). You get intraoral cancer screenings every time you get your teeth cleaned, half of you don't even realise it. And there's no prescriptions involved at all in that process. ( source- in dental hygiene school).

I had one when I was 15 to be put on birth control. Another when I was 18. They found precancerous cells...at 18. Imagine if I had waited and rejected the recommendation of doctors. I had a procedure to remove the affected tissue and now I get them every year. So far no return.

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