I'm tired of this pseudo-intellectual woke-social justice-warrior culture.

I believe one of the main reasons as to why many have such a strong feeling to their race and animosity towards others is the fear of exemption from the dominant society. Hatred comes from fear, and the fear of societal exemption is what leads many troubled.

Here is a chart of the different stages of identify development based on race, minorities, especially people of color, envy the successes of white people and are exposed to the innate idea that white culture is dominant, both while unaware of racial implications. Then, a minority would face the reality that one cannot truly be white, be it from racism or experience; forced to focus on identity as a member of a group targeted by racism. Which leads to a stronger commitment to race, as the individual immerses itself with racial identity.

I mean- especially as someone with a Middle Eastern background (the US labels middle easterners white), I’ve experienced both. So at least I’ve gotten a taste of both sides and I can understand the tendency to exclude one’s self from an identity group solely on the fear of exemption and separation leading to the animosity of others.

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