I'm Unable To Approach Girls In Nightclubs; Willing To Pay $10, 000 For Help

It matters to understand how to fix it.

And no. If it was obvious, you'd have done it already.

It's likely just a combination of performance and social anxiety.

You put an expectation of performance of it, i.e. the pickup, and probably build up to the moment, then freeze up at go.

You probably have an internal dialogue going on while this is happening, possibly more than one. The positive, telling yourself come on! Go do it! And the negative, hearing every doubt, hearing you can't, she's too good for you, thinking here we go again.

All this is likely happening while you feel the room move around you. The people moving, the beats, the conversations. It likely feels like you're frozen still while everything else is constantly going.

So, again, I ask, how? How does it feel? Do your feet stop working? Do you feel stupid? Is it just your feet, or does your entire body freeze?

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