I'm a university student. I want my money back.

I don’t think NSS is completely worthless, but the emphasis put on it is ridiculous as a way of assessing whether courses are good. Most consumer reviews rely on the reviewer be able to compare the “product” to something else.

I wouldn't say this has to be the case. In cases where this isn't possible, a consumer compares it to what they were promised and what would generally be expected. If the service falls short, you review accordingly. I agree the NSS shouldn't be used alone and having another, more impartial contribution would definitely be helpful, though. It is used alongside other outcomes, however, as far as I'm aware (and let's not pretend like universities aren't aware higher grades for students mean a higher chance of better employment outcomes, on the topic of grade inflation).

What we actually need is a proper external examiner system which actually checks standards, preventing the insane grade inflation which is used to make students feel happy.

The TEF, while incorporating student satisfaction, functions a lot like this, doesn't it? Something I find interesting about it is how many redbricks and RGs received Silver. It raises the question as to whether it would work to certain universities' detriment to have their rankings be based on things they can't manipulate as easily.

In any case, I wouldn't disagree that grade inflation is a cause for concern. In fact, it's something I often worry about. You can't get above a First, yet thirty percent of those on my course graduate with one. You're now in a position where you're having to grasp at every work opportunity you can to try and differentiate yourself, especially if—like me—doing a masters to differentiate yourself is not a financially viable option.

Students are obsessed with getting feedback that they don’t actually use, but if we give them harsh but fair feedback they evaluate courses badly.

I've never once seen a student complain that they received 'harsh but fair' feedback. In fact, the only time I see people complain is when they receive too little feedback.

Yes, the system is crap, but coming back to the actual point of all this, hitting universities financially is going to hurt teachers and students much more than anyone else.

This could also be argued for the strikes, yet students were expected to understand that it was a necessary evil and they still went ahead throughout multiple university years. It's interesting how the tone changes in this instance.

I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you clearly have a bias against students, to be honest. I don't appreciate the insinuation that students are this monolith that only care about being told they're doing amazing, even if it comes at the expense of a quality education. I've worked hard to get myself out of an area with some of the worst education rates in the country and to get through university without support; going to university has always been one of my biggest dreams and this is what I've ended up with.

No student to be made to feel like it's a bad thing to want a refund. It isn't. It's reasonable and it's fair.

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