I'm very disappointed with Season 1 rewards.

Nah you'll still see the "SO ENTITLED" brigade in a couple hours and a post in a few days. People always say you can't complain about the community managers being vague because they're not the devs, and the devs aren't the art team etc but it seems to be conveniently forgotten when something like this happens. The art team is separate from the dev team so... Why is everything in the pass so insanely lackluster?

I really only care if the patch brings a crash fix but it's astounding how bad the rewards are in comparison to it's competitors, and they knew they wanted a battlepass before launch, we got a roadmap day one.

Also before anyone says "Fortnite just has loading screens as rewards" stop lying ffs. I don't play Fortnite but I've seen their passes. They sprinkle in "meh" rewards in between some pretty awesome skins for the pickaxe, backpacks and characters, as well as emotes and other goodies. We essentially got one big list of "meh" with one goodie at level 100.

They made a good game. I bought the founders pack because I wanted to support Respawn, awesome company, but this does not hit the mark at all.

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