I'm very proud of my MGTOW journey so far, but I still have one insecurity I can't seem to shake:

Dude you're way too quick to draw conclusions.

(1) I said romance is usually not the main plot, again, maybe you missed that. It sneaks into the movies I watch as a side thing. Nothing to do with "willpower to not watch the shit."

(2) I have plenty of real world experience with sex and one serious relationship. I think the reason why I have that faint gut feeling of regret is because of the rationalization that young naive love is only found in high school, and once you're older, you won't experience it. I suspect it makes my subconscious think "what if they're right? Maybe I missed out." Because I didn't fully experience it in my older years. I know it's wrong, but I'm human so I can't help but wonder.

No need to shut down every skeptical, hypothetical thought in dealing with these topics. And no need to overanalyze my psyche and assume you know everything that's going on in my head. Maybe you lack the real world experience to realize it's a perfectly normal gut feeling to have.

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